July, 17

It is important to note that bringing the MG to the capital in accordance with the declared schedule does not yet mean launching gas into each house and boiler room

July, 9
On July 2, 2018, the forum of the silk road countries’ mayors “Global Silk Road” was opened in Astana

Liquefied natural gas (methane) as the main driver of reducing the negative impact on the environment of the northern regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

June, 20
RariTEC” company organized an exhibition

“RariTEC” company organized an exhibition dedicated to the issues of integrated approach to introduction of natural gas into various spheres of life, within the framework of which equipment operating on compressed and liquefied natural gas

June, 18
the 5-th annual congress of the “LNG Congress Russia”

General Director of «Global Gas Group» company, Goncharov Oleg Yuryevich participated in the 5-th annual congress of the “LNG Congress Russia” which took place on 6-8 of June 2018 in Baltschug Kempinski, Moscow.

April, 28
The results of thefirst heating season were summed up: “Three schools can be constructed forthesavedmoney”

This past winter in Astana was remembered to citizens for abnormal bitter cold. In January, the cyclone brought to the region a temperature with record low levels, sometimes up to below 40 degrees.

March, 28
Gasification of Astana: challenges and opportunities

Director of Global Gas Regazification Company Saulidi Panayot appeared as an expert on "Neft" (oil) broadcast of Atameken business channel which next airplay was devoted to the project of gasification of central and northern regions of Kazakhstan through the construction of "Saryarka" main gas pipeline.

March, 7
Together we will make the air of Astana much cleaner

Opinion of an expert in the field of Astana gasification on the prospects of the gas initiative implementation

February, 23
Virtual Gas Pipeline for the whole Country
Today, on the air of the television broadcast “It’s time to talk”, Mr. Saulidi Panayot, director of “Global Gass Regazification” company has shared some information on specific aspects of the gasification project development carried out on a basis of the innovation technology “virtual gas pipeline” in Astana and north regions of Kazakhstan.
February, 15
We have gas in Astana, and you?!?

One year has passed since the first liquefied natural gas regasification plant “Turan” was started up.

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