April, 27
November, 25 2019
Ambitious and reliable: a brand new fleet of SVTС transport company starts working in Petropavlovsk
Today, new fleet of “North-eastern Transport Company” (SVTC) based in Petropavlovsk city, North Kazakhstan region will carry out the first round. The transport column will basically consist of 10 Volvo prime movers purchased at the expense of own and borrowed funds of “BRK-Leasing” JSC.
September, 9 2019
Another facility in the north of Kazakhstan will be gasified!
The new gas infrastructure will ensure uninterrupted gas supply through the newly built gas pipeline to the burners of the boiler plant of “Molprodukt” LLP.
July, 2 2019
2018-2019 heating season is over, thank you all! In summary
May, 17 2019
More than 1 billion tenge - that is exactly what consumers of the Global Gas Group have saved due to the complete replacement of diesel fuel with natural gas.
April, 23 2019
Gasification in Kazakhstan knows no boundaries!

According to MinEnergo, methane, the natural gas is an unattainable resource for 50% of Kazakhstanis. However, for individual enterprises this type of fuel has become a reality due to the unique liquefaction technology developed by “Global Gas Group” the Kazakhstan’s flagship in close cooperation with a subsidiary of the Russian PJSC “Gazprom”.

December, 7 2018
+1 gasified facility for the healthy ecology of the capital of Kazakhstan.
            The gas infrastructure development of the country's future mainstay was correlated with the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Due to the development of LNG technology, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools became the fourth gas supply facility in Astana starting from December 1.
October, 16 2018
Savings = Heating * (Methane – Diesel Oil ) The gasification power – efficient project formula of «Global Gas Group».
Specialists of “Global Gas Group” have estimated the gas-supply cost–effectiveness of the first boiler-house in Astana provided with the use of LNG technologies gas supply in 2017. According to the facts received for the heating season of 2017-2018, savings of Autonomous Educational Organization “Nazarbayev University” was equal to more than 500 million tenge.
September, 18 2018
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