Another facility in the north of Kazakhstan will be gasified!

Today, in non-gasified country regions, one can increasingly hear talk of the need to develop innovative technologies in the fuel and energy complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The obvious advantages of liquefied natural gas and gasification, it would seem, should be known to every business manager who somehow cares about the profitability of the business and the ecology of their lands. Unfortunately, in the north of Kazakhstan, where blue fuel is only known firsthand, it is very little known about the potential of liquefied natural gas technologies. The “virtual gas pipeline” is a development project that is designed to eliminate this injustice.

The construction of a new “Global Gas Group” - local regasification station was launched in Petropavlovsk. The complex with a capacity of 4 million cubic meters of commercial gas per year is a local installation that meets all the requirements of environmental control and safety. The new gas infrastructure will ensure uninterrupted gas supply through the newly built gas pipeline to the burners of the boiler plant of “Molprodukt” LLP. Like other facilities for the construction of an innovative gas supply system, the station is being built according to an individual project, taking into account the characteristics of the subscriber, as well as operating experience accumulated by “Global Gas Group” experts.


According to preliminary calculations, the benefit of “Molprodukt” will be at least 20% of the cost of diesel fuel. Compared with the previous enterprise energy system, the cash savings as a whole will reach 25-27% and will be tangible for the enterprise immediately from the moment of gas start-up. In addition, the emission of harmful emissions from the boiler plant into the atmosphere of the city will be reduced. The commissioning of the natural gas regasification complex is scheduled for early 2020.