Mission Global Gas Group

Forming fundamentally new standards of energy, through environmental improvement, we aim to significantly improve the quality of life.

Our mission is creation and improvement in the broad sense.
Implementation of bethought is our inevitable result.

Structure of Global Gas Group

Regazifikation 2.png

Global Gas Regazification

A company whose main activity is the delivery of liquefied natural gas (hereinafter referred to as LNG) and the production of natural gas from it through the regasification of LNG and its further wholesale. The scope of the company's competence fully includes the technical and technological implementation of projects - from the issuance of technical specifications to the construction of production stations, gas transmission networks and refueling complexes, as well as their operation

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СПГ транспортировка

It is engaged in the retail sale of commercial gas to consumers, including the development of individual or adaptation of standard solutions, construction of gas distribution networks and their operation, supply, installation and subsequent maintenance of gas equipment and metering devices that meet the requirements and international standards, gas transportation through the gas distribution system to the final consumer and its accounting.