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June, 10 2019
Question text: Yekaterina
Good afternoon! We are the carrier company, we're transporting equipment from China to the cities of Kazakhstan and Russia. Now there is increasing demand for gas fuel, LNG and CNG equipment. Due to the fact that the network of gas filling stations with natural gas is not developed on the territory of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to carry this equipment on the trawls, and not by self-propelled vehicle, which significantly increases the cost of delivery. Could you tell us which cities in Kazakhstan have LNG and CNG gas stations nowadays?

Good afternoon, Yekaterina!

You are right, the network of gas stations on CNG in the Republic of Kazakhstan is poorly provided, and there is no in LNG at all. There are only 17 units of CNG filling stations in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and they are located in the following cities: 1) Aktobe -1 large station (KazTransGas); 2) Atyrau - 1 unit; 3) Aktau - 1 unit; 4) Kyzylorda - 3 units; 5) Shymkent - 1 unit; 6) Almaty - 6 units; 7) Kostanay - 1 unit (KazTransGas); 8) Rudniy city - 1 unit (KazTransGas); 9) Taraz - 1 unit; 10) Uralsk - 1 unit.

Today, the development of the existing network of gas filling stations on CNG is being carried out by "KazTransgazOnimdery" LLP, a branch organization of the national operator in the field of gas supply. And until 2023, they are planning to build additional 100 CNG filling stations, including 6 stations in the city of Nur-Sultan. More information about the implementation you can find on the official website of "KazTransGas" JSC.

Meanwhile, the “Global Gas Group” Companies group has been the only operator of liquefied natural gas in the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2016, implementing the innovative project of pipeless gasification in Northern Kazakhstan, including the promotion of LNG technologies in the gas-engine fuel market. In addition, we ourselves are engaged in LNG transportation and intend to develop our own gas filling station network for LNG in the northern regions of Kazakhstan.

November, 20 2018
April, 25 2018
Question from: Сергей
Good Afternoon! Does your company have experience and capabilities to build compact plant for liquefaction of oil gas with 80% methane content?

Good afternoon, Sergey!
Our Company is familiar with and is capable of building compact plants for liquefaction of natural gas in order to acquire LNG with 80% and more methane content.
Today, working with oil gases is not part of the competences of Global Gas Group JSC. Unlike natural gas, oil gas besides from methane contains ethane, a large proportion of propanes, butanes and vapors of heavier hydrocarbons.

February, 6 2018
Question from: Валерий
How is it really possible to provide the Thermal Power Plant (further - TPP) with the capacity of 180 Mega Watts and heat power with the capacity of 500 Gcal by LNG?

Probably, you Mr. Valeriy, in your question have been interested in possibility to realize cogeneration principle (joint production of heat and electrical power) under our project.
Definitely, it is possible! With the help of LNG technologies it is really possible to provide energy and heat consumption not only for the TPP, however also, according to the best practice, it is possible to provide for the whole state. For example, Japan, by virtue of some seismic and related to resources special aspects of its territory, provide its population by energy with the help of the imported liquefied methane (Japan has purchased 85 million tons of LNG in 2015).
However, there are some limitations, by which we shall be governed by legislation in force in the course of the project: in the master plan of Astana gasification it is planned to provide the regional TPPs by fuel with the help of main gas pipeline, that’s why, we do not consider them as the subject of gasification based on LNG.

January, 31 2018
Question from: Alibek1
Every week the Kazakhstan's media has been writing about construction of main pipeline from the southern regions of the country to Astana. How the prospect of supply of normal gas to the capital will affect implementation of your project?

The project of main gas pipeline construction for the capital has been discussed for over 17 years. But the final decision at the state level is still not accepted. The main reason of this is lack of economic efficiency. It is known that construction of gas pipeline can pay off in case of connection to the gas network of several large consumers such as CHP plants and factories. Currently in Astana there are no such obvious economic preconditions.
In turn, our project is targeted at creation of the city and regional infrastructure, thereby furthering adoption of a positive decision on construction of main gas pipeline. By the way, the President talked on this very issue on November 8, 2017 during presentation of our project in Kostanai.
Therefore, the prospect of availability of “normal” gas in the capital will contribute to even more intense development of our project and gas consumption system in general.

December, 13 2017
Question from: Максим045

Hello! We are considering the option of boiler house conversion to gas. We would like to clarify the rates and cost of the enterprise connection. Hopefully it will not be like with the gas oil; the price is constantly rising and we are not willing to pay 230 tenge per liter.


Hello! In response to Your letter, we are informing You of the following:

As of today, the price of 1 m3 of commercial gas sold to the consumers in Astana is 110 tenge.

Given the market conjuncture and conditions for the liquefied natural gas production and delivery on the territory of Kazakhstan, to obtain commercial gas of it, the gas price will be subject to changes. At the same time, based on the pricing policy principles applied by our company, the price of 1 m3 of gas in any case will be 30% below the price of one liter of diesel fuel.

Regarding the question on connection:

Currently, no payment is charged by our company for connection. When connecting, Customer shall pay for the volume of gas to be used during commissioning. Please note that the connection process does not include the works on development of project documentation and construction and installation jobs.

November, 18 2017
Good evening. I would like to know when gas infrastructure development is planning to be constructed in the country part of the town, district of school No.20 on Chechov street, Orda, Medeu and etc? Is the gasification planning to be arranged in the private houses or, firstly, you are planning to make gasification for all Nazarbayev museums, schools, enterprises?
There is no doubt that the gasification of the country part of Astana is an important part of the global project “Astana 2020”. For its realization at the present time the State-Private Partnership project (SPP) is developed, in terms of which, the construction of the required infrastructure, gas pipelines, gas control units and etc. is planning to be built. In case of approval and conclusion of the State-Private Partnership Agreement, we are planning to start the gasification of the private house building districts already in 2019. I would like to notice that in accordance with the LNG gasification technologies, for the purpose of steady operation of gas consumption, the largest known as anchor consumers shall be connected firstly to the gas transmission network. Immediately after, smaller enterprises, for instance such as private houses, foodservice outlets and other public utility enterprises will be connected.
September, 7 2018
Question from Kaiman Maranovich
“You promised a year ago that you will gasify Astana by 2021 and we, the people of Koktal village, are waiting impatiently to have the natural gas. After the approval of the “Saryarka” gas pipeline construction project we no longer hear news about your plans. Please, let us know when our village will finally have gas? We are suffocating here.”

Hello! In accordance with the Astana LNG 2020 project road map approved in 2015, the Global Gas Group company planned to implement the full gasification of Astana with the help of LNG technology by 2021 through the construction of a virtual gas pipeline. After the initiation of the construction of the Saryarka main gas pipline in March 2018, the tubeless method of gasification which is the basis of our project was perceived by the state authorities, certainly wrongfully, as irrelevant and unpromising. Moreover, the public switched to the "waiting mode" of the soonest arrival of the pipeline. I do not want to disappoint anyone, but it will not happen as quickly as you would wish to.

Obviously, in the current situation, it is not advisable to continue building the network of regasification stations around Astana, and today we are actively developing the project of gasless gasification in the territory of Northern Kazakhstan. At the same time, we are increasing the production capacity of the already existing “Turan” complex of liquefied natural gas regasification in Astana to provide gas to large consumers located in the station's operating area.

In view of the fact that the needs of the private sector and the residents of Astana in ecological fuel will be fully covered by the Saryarka main gas pipeline, I can not give you the exact answer, as at the moment the issue of metropolitan gasification is under the jurisdiction of government structures.

However, I can tell you with firm certainty that there is gas in Astana!