Gas supply for private consumption

Gasification of the private sector has started in Kazakhstan

Currently, population of the northern regions of Kazakhstan is deprived of access to natural gas for a simple reason – because of the lack of main gas pipeline in those regions. To solve this problem, General scheme of gasification of Kazakhstan with implementation period of 15 years (2015-2030) was developed and approved.

According to the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, for gasification of Astana and central and northern regions, the technology of liquefied natural gas was selected. Based on the positive experience of foreign countries using this technology as the main form of gas supply, the experts gave findings on the necessity of construction of appropriate infrastructure for development for LNG technology. This “virtual pipeline” is regarded as precedent to mainline and consists of a cycle for liquefaction, transportation, storage and regasification of natural methane gas for further delivery to the final consumer.

The task of laying a traditional gas pipeline requires a lot of time, enormous financial investments and attracting human resources. Proposal of Global Gas Group to supply the environmentally friendly fuel to the private sector of Kazakhstan, based on LNG technology, is free of important disadvantage: while waiting for laying a big pipe, it is possible to ensure the supply of natural gas to households in the nearеst time. This method is unique thanks to its efficiency and going to be the salvation for regions and small settlements far from the gas pipelines and located at a great distance from each other.

Full gasification of Astana is planned for the next five years through the state-private partnership

According to the Global Gas Group project “Astana LNG 2020”, approved by the Ministry of Energy of the ROK to be implemented through the state-private partnerships (SPP) mechanisms of the republican level, urban gas supply system will be put into operation in the next 4-5 years in Astana.

For example, for gasification of the capital, it is anticipated to construct 6 stations for regasification of liquefied natural gas around the city. Distribution system and medium pressure network are planned to be located in different parts of the city that will allow providing fuel evenly to private sector of the capital development and its outlying districts. To ensure continuity of fuel supply it is expected to construct the storage facilities, concurrent with the construction of the regasification complexes.

In a short time, gas as an energy resource will be made available to the residents of Astana and northern regions of Kazakhstan through the state-private partnership, involving construction and operation of the gas system with the active support of the republican and municipal authorities.

The advantages of private sector gasification

Natural gas is the most environmentally friendly of the existing fuels, unlike coal and diesel. Its use does not involve combustion products that are harmful to the environment. This kind of fuel does not require a storage place. No time is spent for daily operations on boiler attendance and fuel waste disposal. Natural gas delivered to the citizens through the distribution network, will bring the individual consumers’ living on a new level.

It is worth to highlight a number of advantages of private sector houses gasification:

  • Use of methane is economically more profitable than the main fuel types.
  • Methane is an energy efficient fuel. Its efficiency rate is 95%.
  • Delivery of fuel through the gas distribution network does not require performance of treatment and storage process by the consumer.
  • Gas heating assumes the use of economical and noiseless boiler.
  • Gas supply performed through the gas distribution network, in terms of consumer properties, such as safety, reliability and economic benefit, is the most effective in comparison with heating and energy supply methods currently popular in non-gasified regions of Kazakhstan in general.