Our projects

Since 2015, we have been implementing an innovative method of pipeless gasification of facilities in cities and regions, which are at a long distance from the main pipeline, even if the gas supply system is completely absent. Each project is based on a patented chain of innovative LNG technologies.

Thanks to the replacement of conventional types of fuels (diesel, heating oil, coal, etc.) with a more economical and environmentally friendly source of energy - liquefied natural gas (methane), we reduce not only the fuel costs, but also reduce the costs incurred by our partners for payments for emissions into the environment, thereby making a significant contribution to the improvement of the ecology of the regions, which corresponds to the course of the state policy "green" economy of Kazakhstan.

The team of «Global Gas Regazification» is successfully conducting comprehensive activities on the construction of «virtual gas pipeline» in order to supply Methane natural gas to industrial and social facilities, fuel and energy system of housing and public utilities and agriculture, and also the team is implementing the «Clean transport» project as part of the development of natural gas-based motor fuel in the Republic of Kazakhstan