Construction of infrastructure objects

Infrastructure for gas motor fuel transport  

Global Gas Group engineers have accumulated considerable experience in the installation and maintenance of the gas engines: integrated projects for the conversion of dozens of vehicles to the methane have been developed and implemented.

The advantages of the gas motor fuel and benefits of vehicle fleet conversion to the gas are widely known among experts involved in vehicles and special equipment.

However, the introduction of new technologies throws into sharp relief the importance of the infrastructure which will provide the end users a painless conversion from the traditional to not-yet-popular fuel and guarantee to end users an uninterrupted supply of the gas and adequate service support of the vehicles. 

Developing own infrastructure for enterprises 

The construction of own infrastructure for vehicle fleets of the enterprises converting their vehicles to gas will be the right call. Availability of the corporate gas stations guarantees the provision of equipment with the fuel, will reduce the economic and time expenditures for moving an empty to the fueling spaces, and, therefore will further increase the efficiency of use of both commercial and municipal vehicles, equipped with the gas engine.

Due to LNG technology that underlies the activities of Global Gas Group, it is possible to install and build the gas stations almost anywhere, where required - on the territory of the enterprises or in remote locations outside the city.

At the same time, the vast majority of the gas stations include fuel storage facilities that provide a natural gas reserve due to which the risk of equipment downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum that is quite topical in Astana and Northern Kazakhstan territories, where the natural gas methane appeared only recently.

LNG technology due to reducing volume by 600 times, offers not only favorable logistics and delivery of the methane to virtually any point in Kazakhstan, but also allows providing supply of considerable reserves of gas motor fuel for the local fleet.

Infrastructure facilities for commercial and municipal CPL filling stations

Global Gas Group can support the projects for construction and provision of the infrastructure of the enterprises with the gas motor fuel and appropriate equipment. 

To supply the end users with the natural gas, it does not matter which gas equipment installed on the vehicle and what fuel is used - liquefied or compressed natural gas (CNG) - in any case, the supply and storage of the methane reserves occurs in the liquefied state (LNG), that allows significantly save logistics costs.

In their turn, the refueling complexes for gas motor fuel can be universal: capable of refueling with both the liquefied gas (includes a storage system and a fuel nozzle) and compressed natural gas (completed with regasification equipment and a compressor).

Global Gas Group specialists have experience in the designing and supporting the construction of infrastructure of the remote and intra-urban special facilities. Each infrastructure development project is unique, that is why we have no standard solutions: infrastructure planning for storage and refueling with the natural gas is performed after integrated survey and depends on customer’s needs and the fleet’s technical capabilities. The design takes into account the remoteness of the facility from populated areas, number of equipment, its purpose and demand rate.