Connecting new consumers to the Global Gas gas transmission system

An agreement was reached to connect new subscribers to the Global Gas Regazification gas transmission system. New consumers of natural gas in the city of Nursultan are the Tamos Education school and the Cosmo city residential complex.

Natural gas is supplied to the gas transmission system from the Turan LNG regasification complex, which produces up to 80 million cubic meters of marketable gas per year.

The implementation of the gasification project using LNG technologies solves the tasks for our subscribers to reduce emissions into the atmosphere, systematic and budgetary savings in the face of rising prices and inflation, ease of use and fuel and energy security.

An innovative gasification project based on the technology of transportation, storage and regasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been successfully implemented by Global Gas Regazification in the Northern regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan for more than 5 years.