More than 1 billion tenge - that is exactly what consumers of the Global Gas Group have saved due to the complete replacement of diesel fuel with natural gas.

 The heating season of 2018-2019 in Kazakhstan has come to an end which means that the time has come to review the latest results and announce the current status of the development of "pipeless" gasification in the northern regions of the Republic, carried out using a unique LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) technology.

 The Global Gas Group fulfilled 100% of its main task to ensure uninterrupted and trouble-free transportation of natural gas for consumers by connecting new facilities, taking into account the commissioning of new production facilities at the Turan LNG regasification complex in the autumn of 2018. During the period from September 2018 until April 2019 a total of 501 flights were made by specialized road trains and about 9,000 tons of LNG or 12 million cubic meters of commercial-grade gas are delivered which amounts up 25% on the last heating season.

 The sales of commercial-grade gas from the time it was supplied to the first consumer of the Global Gas Group until April 2019 amounted to more than 21 million cubic meters. According to a preliminary forecast of the company's specialists the volume of sales of regasified natural gas in the Republic of Kazakhstan can increase until the end of 2019 by up to 25% on the level of 2018.

The company noted the daily growth of appeals from regions that do not have their own sources of gas supply, where investment projects are being actively implemented within the framework of the Industrialization Map. Mostly these are Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan, Akmola and East Kazakhstan regions. As noted by analysts, among the weighty arguments in favor of the introduction of LNG technology potential consumers of the new fuel and energy segment point out not only optimal pricing and high energy characteristics, but also low investment costs, short terms of gas infrastructure development and transparent accounting that completely excludes the possibility of fuel theft.

“Indeed, today our consumers are well aware that LNG is an affordable opportunity to start saving here and now, without waiting for the arrival of the main gas pipeline. If we had earlier to prove and convince them extensively of the effectiveness of the "pipeless" gasification project, then many companies are beginning today to value the saving and serviceability, and they themselves come into contact being interested in it. We are actively working to meet the growing demand”, confirms Panaet Saulidi, Director of Global Gas Regazification.

In order to implement the “pipeles” gasification project in Kazakhstan the Global Gas Group makes annually a significant contribution to the development of the gas industry, improving the environmental situation in the region.