+1 gasified facility for the healthy ecology of the capital of Kazakhstan.

           The gas infrastructure development of the country's future mainstay was correlated with the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Due to the development of LNG technology, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools became the fourth gas supply facility in Astana starting from December 1.

           The launch of the “NISH” refurbished autonomous boiler house was implemented as part of the complex replacement of traditional polluting fuels with alternative and still new for the capital of Kazakhstan natural gas methane. The innovative gas infrastructure development project, which is based on certified LNG technologies, was initiated by the Global Gas Group group of companies, the importance of which was noted and approved by the Head of State at an investment forum in Kostanay region in November 2017.

           The technical process of refurbishment the boiler house took about 40 days. All gas pipeline construction works, starting-up and adjustment of equipment were performed by experienced specialists of Global Gas Regasification. Natural gas is supplied from the Turan LNG regasification complex, the production volume of which has recently been increased to 80 million cubic meters of commercial gas per year.

“The decision on the gasification of the “Intellectual Schools” was made, perhaps, immediately after the summing up of the heating year at Nazarbayev University. You must admit that the annual savings of more than 500 million tenge are significant for each effective manager. It is noteworthy that the obvious economic effect and short payback period led to the purchase by the customer of all the necessary equipment for the boiler room,”- explained the Director of Global Gas Regasification, Panaet Saulidi.

According to preliminary calculations in the conditions of the growing shortage and high prices for diesel fuel, the cumulative effect of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools gasification will amount to about 60 million tenge of budget savings a year. At the same time, complete replacement of diesel fuel with more environmentally friendly natural gas will fundamentally solve the “NISH" question about the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.