Gasification in Kazakhstan knows no boundaries!

In October 2016, the “Global Gas Group” group of companies signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with “Gazprom transgaz Ekaterinburg” LLC within the framework of the “pipeless” gasification project of Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana) and the northern regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Already in January 2017, the first batch of Russian LNG was shipped from a small-scale LNG plant to the Gas Distribution Station-4 (Yekaterinburg) to the capital of Kazakhstan.

 Today, the technology of liquefied natural gas remains, perhaps, the only way to provide natural gas to regions deprived of gas supply sources, and the number of its consumers has been steadily growing. Without waiting for the construction of the Saryarka gas pipeline, the subscribers of Global Gas Regazification uninterruptedly receive economical, environmentally friendly and technological fuel in their economy for more than two years.

 In addition, recently, in the course of briefing with journalists, Alexey Kryukov, General Director of “Gazprom Trasngaz Ekaterinburg”, reported an increase in LNG consumption in Kazakhstan: “Global Gas Group” (the Republic of Kazakhstan) is the main consumer of our LNG implementing gasification project in Nur-Sultan city, formerly called Astana, and the northern regions of Kazakhstan. The increase in consumption on 2017 amounted to 5 thousand tons”.

 “In addition to the growing demand for natural gas from existing consumers, which we, of course, are obliged to meet on a priority basis, new requests for gasification are received almost daily by the office. Usually, these are owners of enterprises that no longer wish to overpay for diesel fuel or, for example, are tired of messing with fuel oil. I’d like to make a pointed reference to the start-up businesses that apply to us for effective solutions in the field of fuel and energy complex at the design stage. Of course, we are actively working to provide the entire market with blue-flame natural gas, and we start building our own LNG plant this year”, - concluded Panayot Saulidi, the director of “Global Gas Regazification”.

 Currently, the volume of imported LNG in Kazakhstan is 14 thousand tons. According to the preliminary estimates of the “Global Gas Group” economists, before the end of 2019 the increase in the liquefied gas supply in the Republic of Kazakhstan can come up 25% on 2018.