The first batch of Russian liquefied natural gas was sent from Yekaterinburg to Kazakhstan

“The first batch of 19 tons of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) was sent to Kazakhstan”, - broadcasted the event the TASS correspondent.

"Today, the first batch was sent and under the contract terms, it will be increasing from year to year," - stated the Sverdlovsk oblast Governor, Evgeny Kuyvashev, at the shipment ceremony. 


Production of low-tonnage liquefied natural gas at Yekaterinburg GRS-4 (gas distribution station) is a unique technology developed and implemented in “Gazpromtrangazyekaterinburg” (GTY, a subsidiary of “Gazprom” OJSC) Company. Technology developed by the Ural specialists for the first time in the world, reduces the cost of the final product four times due to a sudden pressure reduction. The gas pressure in the main pipelines is between 50 and 70 atmospheres; in the city it is distributed under pressure about 3 atmospheres. At all stages of pressure reduction, the gas expands and is cooled to very low temperatures. Until now, this cold has never been used and it just “chilled atmosphere”.

According to General Director of GTY, David Gaidt, this technology is used nowhere. Traditionally, gas is liquefied everywhere using substantial volume of electricity from the outside.

The first contract for supply of low-tonnage LNG by road transport from Russia to Kazakhstan was signed in December 2016 between “Gazpromexport” LLC and “Global Gas Regazification” LLP, entering into a group of the Global Gas Group companies. The first object of the Ural methane use in Kazakhstan will be a university in Astana. In the future, it is planned to use this energy source also for gasification of the other objects of Kazakhstan capital. In 2017, it is planned to export to Kazakhstan more than 27 millions cubic meters of methane.

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According to General Director of Global Gas Group, Oleg Goncharov, to date, sales and gasification of independent enterprises, population and transport conversion to gas fuel is of vital importance for Astana in terms of environmental security. “Therefore, program development assumes yield of half a billion cubic meters sales volume by 2021”, he said.



Base on: http://tass.EN/ural-news/3981648

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