Project description

In order to implement the «Modernization of passenger transport in Kokshetau» project and to provide a continuous supply of environmentally-friendly gas motor fuel (methane) for new buses, Global Gas Group company carried out the installation of NGV-filling compressor station on the territory of Akmola region.

The use of natural gas for this type of transport provides up to 50% savings (in comparison with diesel fuel) and meets the requirements of environmental standards up to and including the Euro 5 level, which corresponds to the trend of energy efficiency of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Such NGV-filling compressor station has the opportunity to provide high-quality gas motor fuel for up to 70 city buses in a day. The gas filling station, which converts liquefied natural gas into compressed gas during the technological process, can simultaneously fill 2 buses; the time of one filling is 20 minutes.

Transport, powered by natural gas motor fuel (natural gas methane) is successfully functioning in the southern regions of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Russia and has proved itself as an environmentally friendly, durable and energy efficient transport.

Project details

Location: Akmola region, Kokshetau

Function of the object: Provision of environmentally friendly fuel for municipal transport of Kokshetau

Period of activity: December, 2017

Result: Fuel cost savings of up to 50% through a switch-over to methane