CRLNG «Turan»

Project description

The complex of regasification of liquefied natural gas «Turan» is a site of technological equipment that provides evaporation of liquefied natural gas, heating of gasified natural gas to the required temperatures, odorizing and its delivery to the gas distribution network to consumers.

The feedstock for the object of regasification is liquefied natural gas (methane). Provision of the LNG facility, from the complex of production in Yekaterinburg to the complex of regasification is carried out by road transport of the «Global Gas Group» company - isothermal road-tankers with a volume of 52 m3, allowing to transport 19180 kg of LNG at an equilibrium pressure of up to 0.7 MPa. This amount is equivalent to 28206 PG m3 at standard conditions.

After delivery to the consumer, liquefied natural gas is used as an energy carrier for the same purposes as conventional natural gas. The complex of regasification «Turan» is equipped with control system, automated control system, automated communication control system and emergency notification system. These systems ensure the safe conduct of technological operations at the facility, remote control of equipment, warning personnel about deviations from the norm or the achievement of dangerous (maximum permissible) values of the main technological parameters, the occurrence of an emergency (fire, gas contamination, etc.).

On the site of technological equipment are placed:

  • Atmospheric vaporizer unit;
  • Nitrogen production unit;
  • Gas heating unit;
  • CGCP (cabinet-type gas control point) with commercial gas metering unit;
  • Odorization unit.

Placement of CR LNG «Turan» provides the possibility of gasification of Astana facilities located within the radius of coverage of the complex, without bringing up of the main gas pipeline.

Technological solutions have been developed in order to implement a regional program of gasification of network of autonomous heating and gas supply systems for multi-apartment residential complexes and social and living facilities located in areas with high building density.

Project details

Location: Astana, on the intersection of №Е56 and №Е96

Construction period: 4 months

Capacity: 5 000 m3/hour

Entry into service: February, 2017

Function of the object: autonomous power supply to industrial, social enterprises and human settlements

Transportation route «Yekaterinburg-Astana»: 1 141 km

Modernization: September, 2018, increase of designed productive capacity to 80 million / cubic meters of commercial gas per year.

Current consumers: JSC «Nazarbayev University» NC (National Company) «Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary» RSI (Republican State Institution) «National University of Defense named after the First President of Republic of Kazakhstan».

Savings due to the complete replacement of diesel fuel with methane during the heating season 2017-2018: about 700 mln tenge/year

Reduction of harmful emissions: up to 23 tons/year



The use of natural gas for “pipe-free gasification” is particularly advantageous in cities with high environmental load. Implementation of project “pipe-free gasification” of “Nazarbayev University” diesel boiler, has led to significant positive changes in the heat supply management.

Firstly, due to the lower cost of methane, compared to diesel fuel, achieved 20% savings. Moreover, payments for emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere were reduced by 25%.

Secondly, by using natural gas as fuel, we were able to reduce the human and technical resources previously used to accounting, transportation, loading, draining and delivering diesel to the source of consumption with additional equipment. Thanks to the well-established gas supply, the level of safety, both environmental and the entire power system safety has increased.

Thirdly, conversion of boiler house to gas has allowed us to make a significant contribution to the improvement of the environment of Astana by reducing greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions by 20%, the complete elimination of pollutants such as soot (C), hydrogen sulfide (S2H) and hydrocarbon (CH), reduction of carbon monoxide (CO), nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) by 6.5%.

We express our sincere gratitude to “GlobalGasGroup” for conscientious fulfillment of its partnership obligations, as well as for contribution to implementation of the national concept for transition to «Green economy».